Three Part Consultation

Rudbeckia hirta 'S ahara' Black Eyed Susan

Rudbeckia hirta 'Sahara' Black Eyed Susan

Actaea simplex 'Brunette' Baneberry is closely related to our native Black Cohosh

Actaea simplex 'Brunette' Baneberry is closely related to our native Black Cohosh

Calendula officinalis

Calendula officinalis

A flexible service for someone looking for a comprehensive assessment and plan for their garden or landscape.  Each client receives an initial consultation to determine the baseline parameters of the site and an extensive interview to determine client goals and desired services. Assessment of landscape aspects include soil type, sun exposure, water drainage, and existing landscaping, in addition to potential challenges advantages of each location. As always, the majority of our focus is highlighting the practical client needs and aspirations.

The second part is a complete written assessment of the site and a summary of the client's goals and unique needs.  Depending on what is desired (see the list below), detailed recommendations and lists are included in the assessment as well as sketches of the existing landscape and how the alterations recommended would look.  Information included in the sketches would vary based on the client's requests.  Resource lists are generally included in any written assessment.

We finish this coaching service with a followup site visit and meeting with the clients to present assessment, go over details, and answer any follow up questions to the client's satisfaction.

If at the end of the three part consultation a client wishes to add further coaching sessions, they qualify for the reduced full season coaching price of.  Check the Full Season Coaching page for the full list of services available.

Types of Services


Maintenance Plans- We take the guesswork out of garden maintenance with a custom maintenance schedule and plan for your garden.  Particularly great for perennial gardens and edible landscapes.

Phase plans- Sometimes a client has a long term goal for their landscape which needs a season long or multi year approach.  With a phase plan we can help streamline and create an order of operations for the project to prevent unnecessary work and resources.  The timeline is adapted to each client's time needs and abilities

Installation guides- Particularly helpful when putting in berry bushes and fruit trees for the first time.  Proper planting is essential for the long term health and productivity of a landscape, and we provide detailed diagrams and instructions to achieve good results.  

Care guides- Some plants need some extra love, and we can create custom care guides for the ones that do

Pollinator Habitats- We specialize in pollinator habitats!  We give expert advice on how to start turning your landscape into a haven for many kinds of native pollinators.  No matter how small, there are ways to attract and sustain pollinators.  We can help with a list of pollinator friendly flowers, easy ways to create habitat, and gardening methods to help keep them in the landscape.

Site specific plant lists- There are so many plants available today, both at local nurseries and online retailers, and so much information out there that it can be hard to figure out which plants will be successful in each part of the garden.  With our years of growing and selling experience with perennials of all kinds, we can help narrow down the options to ones which will be successful in each niche of the garden and fulfill the needs of the homeowner.  We usually compile a list of suitable options organized by season of use or bloom, with digital links to pictures and further information for the client to help them make an informed choice.

Native Plant Recommendations- We have worked with many types of native perennials over the years and can recommend successful species for every garden niche, and also how to care for some that enjoy extra attention.

Medicinal Herb Gardens- For folks interested in growing their own medicine and looking for help getting it started.  We have experience growing and processing a wide array of common and unusual medicinal herbs, and can help steer people towards effective medicinal plants and ways to grow them successfully.

Plant ID- Popular with new homeowners for mapping their existing landscape. In the first site visit we walk through the landscape and identify the species of shrubs, trees, perennials and weeds and can map them out as we go.  While it can be hard to pin down particular varieties of some species we can help identify species and genus for the homeowner.  If we find something unfamiliar we will work to ID it. We recommend bringing a camera to record for your records!

Orchard Troubleshooting- Pruning advice and instruction, basic orchard care for most cold hardy fruit trees, and help identifying potential diseases and pest problems.

Resource Guides- Recommended books and sources for knowledge, live plants, and materials.  Giving you the tools to DIY


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