The woman behind apis

Apis Garden Coaching grew out of a lifelong passion for plants and pursuit of the complexity of both interconnections and potential within the garden.


Hattie White, the founder and owner of Apis garden coaching, lives in Huntington Vermont with her son and partner.  Gardening since an early age at her mother’s side has given her a deep love and connection with plants and the earth we inhabit.  She has spent most of her adult life researching and working with plants, including annual vegetable and flower production, orchards, and perennials.  Over the course of her career Hattie has focused on the beautiful native perennials of Vermont and New England and different ecological landscaping techniques.  She brings this background into her approach to garden coaching and relationship with her clients.

Beyond gardening and landscape design, Hattie has several other life pursuits that keep her busy. An avid cook, fiber artist and sewer, she is happiest creating something for the ones she loves.  Other hobbies may include but not limited to floral arrangement, dancing, and continuing to reinforce her reign as undisputed, omnipotent Overlord of Catan.  

Like many Vermonters she enjoys large amounts of outside activities, mostly in the company of her dog and boyfriend.